Henry Cavill might return as Superman, but not for a MAN OF STEEL sequel or solo film?

Henry Cavill might return as Superman, but not for a MAN OF STEEL sequel or solo film?

In 2013, Warner Bros. introduced moviegoers to a new Superman in Henry Cavill, who headlined Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL. In 2016, Cavill reprised that role in BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, opposite Ben Affleck as Batman… also directed by Snyder. Then in 2017, Cavill returned to play Superman once more in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, somewhat controversially, as due to extensive re-shoots, he wasn’t able to shave his MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT mustache, and the results left us with some pretty shoddy CGI on his face in several scenes. Since then, there’s been a lot of questions as to whether we had seen the last of Henry as Supes, and even rumors he was “done” with the role. Now, Deadline is reporting that Cavill is reportedly in talks to once again play The Man of Steel, only not the way some of us might expect. No, this won’t be a MAN OF STEEL 2 or any other iteration of a Superman solo film, but (surprisingly) rather appearances in other DC Universe films.

Sources are indicating that WB still had no plans for a Superman sequel, and the next two major comic book movie releases (WONDER WOMAN 1984 and THE SUICIDE SQUAD) are already finished with shooting, so this would indicate Cavill may appear as Clark Kent/Superman in a future DC Universe movie, like SHAZAM 2 (starring Zachary Levi), BLACK ADAM (starring Dwayne Johnson), or perhaps AQUAMAN 2 (starring Jason Momoa), which are all either in development or pre-production stages.  There’s also the long-delayed FLASH movie starring Ezra Miller, though that production has already suffered director changes and script issues, and Miller’s recent controversial viral video from Iceland probably didn’t help move things forward any.  Further fueling the Cavill news is the actor’s surprise appearance on Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL watch party on VERO this past week, which was also where Snyder announced his director’s cut (or “Snyder Cut”) of JUSTICE LEAGUE would premiere on HBO Max in 2021, though that version is still facing a lot of post-production work and finishing costs which could well exceed $30 million… or potentially much more if new actor contracts have to be negotiated due to the alternate cut of the film being considered an entirely new movie (yes, that could be the case, and if so could be a MAJOR roadblock).

So far Warner Bros. has not commented on Cavill’s potential return, but expect more news on this to follow.  It should be noted, Cavill himself has fueled rumors of continued involvement on social media, so perhaps he’s still wanting to hold on to the role, unlike Ben Affleck who was so “done” with Batman they’ve already started shooting a new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson.  Personally, I think what could be a very smart move would be to have the FLASH movie turn into a team-up story with Flash and Superman having to work together to stop a threat, as the Flash and Superman comic book crossovers have always been fan favorites and iconic with collectors.  This could also be a shot of positivity for the FLASH movie in the wake of Ezra Miller’s controversy.  How do you feel about this news?  Do you think bringing Cavill back to play Superman only as a guest star in other films is a smart move, or huge mistake?  Tell us in the comments below.

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