BAD MOMS review by Rahul Vedantam – Mila Kunis is not okay with Christina Applegate’s PTA

BAD MOMS review by Rahul Vedantam – Mila Kunis is not okay with Christina Applegate’s PTA

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While JASON BOURNE is covering the “action flicks for 18-35” males demographic this weekend, there is some spare room for middle-aged women. Not to shoehorn anyone into their respective categories, but it becomes clear from the offset that that is exactly what this movie sets out to do. With many of the jokes revolving around the slow descent of mothers out of their adventurous twenties and into their early thirties, flung into suburbia, along with the extremely high strung nature of the average PTA… it doesn’t leave much room for a random viewer to come in. Nevertheless, this movie is not looking to do anything more than provide some hardworking moms with a fun night out. But is it even worth it for them?

The basic story revolves around Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis), a hardworking mother of two in a loving marriage trying to have it all. Though after a particularly terribly day punctuated by a ridiculous late night emergency PTA meeting sends her over the edge, she teams up with single over-stressed Kiki (Kristen Bell) and sex-loving eccentric Caria (Kathryn Hahn) in a plan to be bad moms. Now they must face Queen Bee PTA president Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) to overthrow the hold she has on all the school mothers. Soon she realizes living life carefree has some unintended but very considerable consequences.

For what it is, BAD MOMS succeeds fairly well. Many scenes reminisce on classic comedy movie scenes, but the three main stars keep them more than enjoyable. Comedy movies succeed or fail based on their quotability. Any decent comedian can think of a funny situation. The lines that were likely changed between every take until the best one was found give the moment its punchlines. Seeing Mila Kunis think a thick beige bra is sexy is mildly funny. Seeing the quick banter out of Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell making fun of it is a lot better. Many of Christina Applegate’s scenes hold this up as well as she is the stereotypical cruel queen with ridiculous PTA standards.

Sadly, as a whole, the movie really fails to do anything new to make it a must watch. It has its funny moments but like earlier summer fare such as CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE or NEIGHBORS 2, which were understandably done for different demographics, there is nothing beyond summer boredom that makes this movie deserve your time.

BAD MOMS opens July 29, 2016

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