GIRL MOST LIKELY review by Ronnie Malik

GIRL MOST LIKELY review by Ronnie Malik


Girl Most Likely

Directors: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini

Cast: Kristen Wiig, Darren Criss, Annette Bening, Matt Dillon, Christopher Fitzgerald, June Diane

Rating: C

“Girl Most likely” is an odd film about a woman in her thirties suffering a major melt down. The focus of the film is Imogene (Kristen Wiig) who is down on her luck. What was supposed to be a comedic look into her life; winds up becoming a collection of too many plots to count because of all the issues plaguing Imogene’s existence.

Imogene had high hopes to become a great play write but after losing her boyfriend and job she resorts to faking a suicide in an effort to win back her lost love and get back on her feet.

She nearly winds up in a mental institution but under the advice of a hospital psychiatrist she is released to her closet relative, her mother Zelda (Annette Bening). Forced to move back to her family home in New Jersey, Imogene discovers that her mother has shacked up with a younger man, George Bush (Matt Dillon), who claims to be a CIA agent. Her old bedroom has been rented out to Lee (Darren Criss), a handsome young up and coming singer. Imogene’s odd and quirky brother, Ralph (Christopher Fitzgerald), is busy inventing the ultimate suite of armor for mankind while taking care of all his pet crabs.

What goes on from here is a series of incidences Imogene encounters as she tries to get her life back together. She discovers that her father never died and lives a life she could only dream of, that her socialite friend, Dara (June Diane Raphael), is really not her friend at all, that she can fall for a younger man, and that she has unresolved issues with her gambling addicted off beat mother. Ultimately, Imogene is just broke, alone, and plain miserable. But, if all the issues surrounding Imogene’s life were not enough to keep us occupied we have subplots of Ralph trying to win a girl’s heart, Bush (pronounced Boosh) coming up with tall tales of his days as an undercover agent, and Lee’s story of struggling to become a singer. All of these bits and pieces are supposed to tie together for one big laugh.

There are a few good moments in “Girl Most Likely” that will get a little chuckle but for the most part the movie is just a big mess. Annette Bening is an extremely talented actress that can do almost anything but even she could not pull off her character as being funny or serious. The only thing Bening was able to do was make Zelda look completely ridiculous not to mention the ugly wig she had to wear throughout the movie. Matt Dillon does what he is known for – playing yet another crazed character. The subplot of Ralph building armor shaped like the shell of a crab was supposed to funny but instead falls completely flat and adds nothing to the film. Darren Criss is actually refreshing in the film and does play off Kristen Wiig nicely as her love interest. Wiig is well known for her work in “Saturday Night Live” and her role in “Bridesmaids” but her woe-me character in “Girl Most Likely” gets tiresome to watch and weighs the film.

What should have been a funny cute movie about a dysfunctional family, winds up becoming a painful two hours of watching a movie that does not pull off either humor or drama. “Girl Most Likely” has no real point to it and most likely will not be much of a hit this summer.

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