GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY casting alert! Star-Lord is…..

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY casting alert!  Star-Lord is…..

…. Parks and Recreation and ZERO DARK THIRTY actor Chris Pratt.  Deadline is reporting that Marvel and James Gunn have found their leading man in the relatively unknown actor for their outer-space epic GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.  This marks the first casting announcement for the 2014 release with rumored roles of Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot and, of course, Rocket Racoon still left to be filled.
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt beat out many contenders including Lee Pace (THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY), Jim Sturgess (CLOUD ATLAS), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES), Zachary Levi (Chuck) and fellow ZERO DARK THIRTY actor Joel Edgerton.  Deadline’s report says that JGL pulled out of the running and it is my speculation that Zachary Levi’s involvement in THOR: THE DARK WORLD as Fandral hurt his chances as being cast in the lead.

Star Lord

As of this writing, no villain has been announced yet for the film, however many believe that it will be Thanos, the secret, mid-credits, bad guy teased in last year’s THE AVENGERS.


So, what are your thoughts?  Are you happy with this casting?


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be directed by James Gunn and so far stars Chris Pratt.

SYNOPSIS: “Guardians of  the Galaxy,” based on the Marvel comic books of the same name, features an  unlikely cast of characters who must team up in order to defeat a cosmic force  of epic proportions.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is set to rocket (raccoon) its way into 2D & 3D theaters on August 1, 2014.

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