UPDATE: STAR WARS 3D re-releases POSTPONED. All efforts focused on the new trilogy!

UPDATE: STAR WARS 3D re-releases POSTPONED. All efforts focused on the new trilogy!

AUTHOR UPDATE:  My apologies, but the 3D conversions have not been canceled, just postponed as the studios focus their attention on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and the new trilogy.  Once the studio decides when they are going to release the 3D conversions, we will let you all know.

Earlier this year we brought you our in-depth coverage of all of the comic-book related movies to hit cinemas this year and at that time, we were due two re-releases of STAR WARS films in EPISODE II and EPISODE III being set to get the 3D treatment.

Star Wars 3D - Cancelled - Poster 2

Now, from StarWars.com, we have confirmation that the planned re-releases have been canceled:

Focusing on Star Wars: Episode VII, Lucasfilm Postpones Episodes II and III 3D

Lucasfilm has decided to postpone this fall’s scheduled release of Star Wars Episodes II and III in 3D. Given the recent development that we are moving forward with a new Star Wars trilogy, we will now focus 100 percent of our efforts on Star Wars: Episode VII in order to ensure the best possible experience for our fans. We will post further information about our 3D release plans at a later date.

Let’s face it, this shouldn’t be that big of a disappointment to many fans because while the prospect of seeing episodes IV-VI re-released in 3D might be tempting, having to sit thru II and III (which were better than EPISODE I, I will give you that) was not what many fans wanted to do.

Given the news last week that J.J. Abrams has signed on to direct and official confirmation as well, I think many fans will agree with this course of action from LucasFilm and Disney.

What are your thoughts?  Are you sad that EPISODE II and EPISODE III won’t be getting the 3D re-release treatment or does this news make you happy?

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is going to be directed by J.J. Abrams (STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS) from a script by Michael Arndt (TOY STORY 3) and is currently set for a 2015 release in a galaxy far, far away.


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