Judd Nelson holds his fist high and joins BAD KIDS GO TO HELL

Judd Nelson holds his fist high and joins BAD KIDS GO TO HELL

My buddy Matt Spradlin has been on the road promoting his comic book, BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, for the past year or so, and it’s been exciting to see how fast its grown in popularity. One of the coolest aspects surrounding the property is the proposed movie that’s been gaining momentum recently, and today they got a rather cool name added to the cast. It was announced at Ain’t It Cool News (it will take me a while to forgive Matty for not giving us the exclusive) that THE BREAKFAST CLUB star Judd Nelson is going to be playing Headmaster Nash in the film adaptation of the popular comic book from Antarctic Press. Read the full press release that was posted at AICN below.  Now excuse me while I tell Matt to give ME a role in the film…

Judd Nelson Joins Cast
of “Bad Kids Go to Hell”

Producer, Brad Keller, confirmed with Optimous Douche of AICN today that a deal has been struck with the original “Bad Boy” of “The Breakfast Club” fame, Judd Nelson, to play the role of Headmaster Nash in the live action feature film adaptation of the best selling indie comic book series “Bad Kids Go to Hell” (BKGtH). As you may remember from my review, BKGtH sold out each of its four issue comic book mini-series in one week, and then went on to sell out the first print run of the graphic novel in 1 day.

Since the release of “The Breakfast Club” over 25 years ago, Mr. Nelson has maintained a rich and diverse acting career in film and TV, but has always turned down offers to play roles in films paying homage to the John Hughes film in which he played the iconic bad boy teenager. Co-Writer and Producer, Barry Wernick, views Nelson’s coming on board as “a confirmation that BKGtH stands on its own as culturally and socially relevant to high school today, while simultaneously embracing the influences drawn from the rich high school teen classic. We have turned “The Breakfast Club” on its head, unabashedly lashing out against the popular culture which too often rewards bad behavior. After all, BKGtH does have a social conscience.”

Co-Writer and Director, Matthew Spradlin, asserts that “High school is a metaphor for the larger world in which we all live. And BKGtH is the ultimate high school revenge fantasy, where karma truly exists.” He goes on to say, “What makes movies, video games, and comics so great is getting to vicariously act out our darkest fantasies. Some people think these things generate malevolent behavior, but I think they help keep us sane.”

BKGtH promises to be as fast-paced, funny, and scary as the graphic novel, with special emphasis on both practical and virtual special effects made possible through a co-production agreement with Spiderwood Studios located in Austin, Texas, one of the newest and most forward thinking production and post-production facilities around. Filming starts June 6 in Austin, Texas at Spiderwood and wraps after shooting on locations in Dallas in early July.

Nelson will be joining the ensemble cast of up and coming Hollywood stars: Cameron Deane Stewart (“So Undercover,” “That’s What I Am,” “iCarly,” “Justice for Natalee”), Ali Faulkner (“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,” “Boneboys,” “Humans vs. Zombies,” “Maggie’s Passage”), Marc Donato (“Sick Boy,” “The Final,” “White Oleander,” “Pay it Forward,” “Billy Madison,” “DeGrassi: The Next Generation”),Robert Hayes (“The Lucky One,” “Breaking the Press”), and Amanda Alch (“Moon Ring,” “When Zachary Beaver Came to Town,” “Birdie and Bogey”).

Stay tuned for more on BKGtH as the producers assure that the role of Veronica, the sixth and final “Bad Kid” in the ensemble cast will be cast within the next week.

Become a BKGtH fan at its Facebook Fanpage or follow all things “Bad” at Twitter @BadKidsGoTo Hell. The movie’s official website is here.

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