San Diego Comic-Con ’09 interviews – Megan Fox, Stan Lee, Zachary Levi…

This was my 15th year in a row to attend the San Diego Comic-Con, easily the largest comic-themed event in the United States, held every summer in July.  The 2009 show brought in tons of fans, and a wide variety of celebrities.  The movie studios have taken notice of the event, and send out their top talent to promote upcoming films and TV shows.  We had a chance to talk to many of the show’s special guests, and have compiled video of those interactions, which you can see here.  So without further delay, let’s get started…

TWILIGHT fans lined up overnight to attend the NEW MOON panel on Thursday morning.  But before that took place, Summit Entertainment arranged for the film’s three main stars (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner) to attend a special press conference.  Just about every major press outlet was there, from Entertainment Tonight to Entertainment Weekly.  Less than 10 questions were taken from the press members in attendance, and we got to ask one of those.  Who would’ve thought, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly, and – one of these things is not like the other!  Anyhow, here’s some select moments from the press junket, including our question, and a rather awkward one from another online site.  It should be noted, they very specifically told us ahead of time that we were NOT to ask questions about Robert and Kristen’s personal relationship.  I guess not everyone was paying attention.  Take a look.



Shortly after the TWILIGHT experience, I headed over to meet up with Stan Lee and Natasha Henstridge to talk about Stan’s new project TIME JUMPER – an online animated series featuring Natasha’s voice.  Stan always has pretty creative ideas, and I was definitely excited about meeting Natasha Henstridge, who is in my opinion extremely beautiful.  I’m happy to say that beauty is present in person as well.  Here’s some bits from the roundtable with Stan:


And here’s excerpts from the Natasha Henstridge roundtable:



That night we were treated to the first 15 minutes of JENNIFER’S BODY, starring Megan Fox.  The film is written by JUNO writer Diablo Cody, and directed by Karyn Kusama (GIRLFIGHT).  After watching the footage, Megan, Diablo and Karyn did a short press conference for attending press members.  Here’s a few excerpts from that, including our question…

And here’s a bit of us on the red carpet for JENNIFER’S BODY, starting with a surprise appearance by Stan Lee:

And then (this was a treat) our one-on-one red carpet interview with Megan Fox!

All of this was followed by a private IGN/Myspace party with Megan, Diablo, and several other surprise guests – definitely a highlight during the show.


The next morning I spoke to Chan-Wook Park (director of OLDBOY) about his vampire film THIRST.  This was a rare opportunity to talk to a highly respected foreign director.  He came with a translator, and took questions from several reporters.  We got the last question of the session.


Later that day I met the lovely Kelly LeBrock, of WEIRD SCIENCE and THE WOMAN IN RED fame.  Kelly was promoting her new tell-all book, which promises to reveal some deep dark Hollywood secrets from her personal past experiences.  I admittedly (even directly to her) had a HUGE crush on Kelly in my younger days, and this was a rare chance to mee the personable and charming actress in person.  My thanks to Christopher Folino for helping make this happen.


On Saturday, I went to a roundtable with director Zack Snyder to talk about the WATCHMEN Director’s Cut DVD.  In this casual setting, Zack talks about the possibility of seeing 300 in 3-D, and his future project with Frank Miller.  It’s getting to the point where getting anywhere near someone like Snyder is only going to get harder, so this was a real treat.


Then came CHUCK – easily one of my favorite shows on TV right now, and though the whole cast was pretty much present, the shuffling between roundtables only allowed us to talk with a few of them.  I was lucky enough to score some face time with the show’s star Zachary Levi, and the incredibly gorgeous woman who plays his sister, Sarah Lancaster.  Here’s Zach on the upcoming season:

And then came Sarah, who I honestly think is stunning, and let her know that right off the bat:


A little later I met up with Michael Jai White and director Scott Sanders to talk about BLACK DYNAMITE.  I had known Michael from before, as we hung out on multiple occasions, but never really had to chance to do an interview.  This is a film I’m genuinely looking forward to, so this was a big thrill to talk to these fellas.


That night came the ANGEL OF DEATH interviews, with Zoe Bell (GRINDHOUSE – DEATH PROOF), my good buddy Doug Jones (HELLBOY 1 & 2), Ted Raimi, and writer Ed Brubaker.  We started with roundtable interviews featuring the whole crew – I broke this into two segments, here is the first:

…and here is the second:

I then talked to Doug Jones one-on-one – it’s always fun seeing Doug.  He really is the Lon Chaney of this generation.

I followed that by talking to the very funny Ted Raimi, who was a pleasure to interview:

And then finally got the chance to walk Zoe Bell to her panel, and talk to her briefly about her role in the film.  And yes kids, she’s as awesome as you think she’d be.


All in all, another great year at San Diego Comic-Con.  We’ll do our best to bring you all the coolest interviews next year too, so stay tuned.  My thanks to all of the respective studios and PR reps that made these interviews possible.

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