RESIDENT EVIL 6 video game review by Rachel Parker

RESIDENT EVIL 6 video game review by Rachel Parker

Another video game review by our resident expert Rachel Parker…


So Umbrella Corp is still at it in this new installment of the RESIDENT EVIL Series. The story is supposed to pick up several years after the events of “Raccoon City.” I thoroughly enjoyed RESIDENT EVIL 5, so I figured why not give this one a shot.

There are three story modes you can play, three different teams of two including Chris & Piers, Jake & Sherry, and Leon & Helena. Each of the three groups has five chapters to their story.

I started out playing Chris since he was the main character in the 5th story. The controls to me seemed way different in the new version of the game. It was a bit weird and I never fully got used to it in fact. But I carried on, finding that this was a world with so few bullets for my gun I was better hacking away with my giant Knife in most situations.

It was nice to have a knife, I don’t think in previous versions that was the case. But I remember there being quite a few more bullets in the last one. Oh and did I forget to mention, the zombies have guns.. yeah.. they have guns. I don’t remember them having guns in the past games. I remember them being ridiculously strong and such, but never do I remember them having pinpoint accuracy and shooting me.

So here I am, in the middle of this zombie infested building where they have guns with unlimited ammo and I have 20 bullets? Seriously Capcom??!?

Well I got frustrated with that mode and opted to try out playing Jake. His story is he is immune to the virus. So I get through his first chapter and it took some time and was a pain in the butt, then enter Snow Storm level from hell. A snow storm blizzard at night.. with zombies with sniper rifles with red dot lasers. SERIOUSLY?!

This is the point where I said screw you CAPCOM and stopped playing. If their goal was to make the least fun game in the world they succeeded. While were at it, they could have put some more time into the graphics and less time in complicating the game. RESIDENT EVIL 6 had some of the worst graphics of this generation of consoles. I know the capabilities of the XBox and you just weren’t even trying.

So due to the overly complicated gameplay and the sad graphics I don’t know where the story goes or how it ends. I’m sure it went along the lines of each of the three story lines is doing their part to take down Umbrella Corp and surely they will fail because how else would there be a RESIDENT EVIL 7.

So for game makers like CAPCOM I want to know if it’s truly about how many games you can push out of your A$$ at this point? Quantity over Quality of course. Don’t waste your time with the RESIDENT EVIL 6.. in fact I would just tell you to avoid anything they put out at this point.


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