ART OF AKIRA Exhibit at Dallas Comic Con, May 17-19 (on AKIRA’s 25th Anniversary)

ART OF AKIRA Exhibit at Dallas Comic Con, May 17-19 (on AKIRA’s 25th Anniversary)



ART OF AKIRA featured at Dallas Comic Con this May 17-19

In 2011 the Dallas Comic Con featured the first full showing of the ART OF AKIRA Exhibit. On May 17-19, the exhibit returns bigger and better than ever to DCC, just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the definitive anime masterpiece. The legendary exhibition has travelled internationally to the delight of fans everywhere, even making a stop at Pixar Studios, and releases the newest and most-impressive phase of original art from AKIRA, a groundbreaking and widely influential work that revolutionized animation. Katsuhiro Otomo’s epic film revitalized the Japanese film industry and inspired a new generation of international artists and fervent fandom.

Curator and owner Joe Peacock will be attending Dallas Comic Con with his impressive collection of original animation cels, drawings, backgrounds and more, even showcasing never-before-seen material in a gallery room at the show. This is a rare opportunity for fans to see the incredible artwork in its purest form, up close and personal. Many of these cels have never been shown to the public… until now.

AKIRA was an epic collaboration and full of animation firsts. Upon its release in 1988, the film was the most expensive animated feature ever made, pooling resources from several of Japan’s largest entertainment companies to complete the production. An elaborate symphonic score was written for the movie and all voice actors where recorded before principle animation began for authentic lip syncing. The stunningly fluid and detailed animation required up to nine separate cel layers, demanding over 160,000 hand-produced cels and almost as many backgrounds.

“Last time Joe brought his exhibit to our event, people got a taste of animation history,” said Mark Walters, the Event Manager of Dallas Comic Con. “On the 25th Anniversary of AKIRA, we’d be foolish not to have Mr. Peacock return for what we expect will be his most impressive showing to date. Each item in the exhibit has been hand selected by Joe from his unrivaled collection of more than 15,000 authenticated pieces. Visitors will be given access to never-before-seen aspects of the film, from fully-displayed backgrounds, sketches and production development layouts, to the layers of cels that made up some of the most astounding scenes in the film. Even if you saw what he brought last time, you definitely won’t want to miss this current exhibition.”

“We were delighted to be the first full exhibition installation in 2011 for this amazing collection, and we’re even more thrilled to have it return for our 2013 event.” Walters added.

The AKIRA Exhibit promises to captivate any fan of animation and graphic storytelling, from anime enthusiasts to those witnessing Otomo’s grand vision for the fist time.

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Joe Peacock shows Stan "The Man" Lee some original AKIRA art at DragonCon 2010

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