Wait, now MAD MEN’s Jon Hamm is set to be Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE? Maybe…

Wait, now MAD MEN’s Jon Hamm is set to be Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE?  Maybe…


This is one of those stories we’re nervous to report, as it comes from a little-known site (claiming it as an “exclusive” report), and the last time we saw something like that was with that highly-bogus report of Bryan Cranston being cast as Lex Luthor in MAN OF STEEL 2… which turned out (as we predicted) to be complete bunk. ThisIsInfamous is claiming their “sources” are saying MAD MEN star Jon Hamm has indeed been cast as the lead in Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE movie. The character, also known as “The Sorcerer Supreme” and “Master of the Mystic Arts” has been highly rumored as one of the next big superheroes in Marvel’s movie pipeline, and just days ago rumors were flying that Johnny Depp was being eyed for the role. Even Stan Lee has pretty much confirmed Marvel is moving forward on the film version of the character, but to date the company hasn’t confirmed much of anything on it. It’s also a given that Robert Downey Jr. will soon be vacating his position in the Marvel movie universe, though he’s signed on for at least two more AVENGERS movies. So it makes sense to bring in a cool name to fill that void, and a character like Doctor Strange would definitely seem likely as a successor to Tony Stark’s position on the superhero team.

Now while there’s no official confirmation on this, Hamm has been on many fans’ lists for who they’d like to see in the role, and there’s also his age as a factor. He’s 42, and Robert Downey Jr. was around the same age when he took on the lead in IRON MAN. Then there’s the fact that Hamm is a very likable name, and MAD MEN is said to be ending soon. It would make sense that the actor would be looking to follow up his successful series with something big, and this would definitely be considered job security for a guy like that. Some of the other names thrown around for the character have included Johnny Depp (which has since been downplayed), Patrick Dempsey (who voiced his interest in the role), Timothy Olyphant (who is said to be high on the list for Marvel), Viggo Mortensen (who seems to have been out of the blockbuster movie scene lately) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who now seems tied up with the SANDMAN movie for DC). So what do you think? Would Jon Hamm make a good Doctor Strange? If this turns out to be true, would you be excited? Am I wasting time even typing this article? Tell us in the comments.

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