Video of the week: SUPERMAN 75th Anniversary animated short covers The Man of Steel’s history

Video of the week: SUPERMAN 75th Anniversary animated short covers The Man of Steel’s history


Zack Snyder (director of MAN OF STEEL) and animation mastermind Bruce Timm (Superman: The Animated Series) have teamed up with Warner Bros. Animation to produce a very cool short that celebrates the 75th anniversary of The Big Blue Boyscout. I can honestly say Superman has always been my favorite comic book hero, going back to my childhood and up to current. His ideals and story really resonates with me, and in many ways I think no other superhero will ever hope to be as iconic or loved as he’s become. This was a big year for the big guy too, with MAN OF STEEL hitting theaters and effectively rebooting the characters for the big screen audiences. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938, and has gone through many changes in the last 75 years. This video very quickly chronicles those portrayals, highlighting the Fleischer Studios animation era, the George Reeves television series, Christopher Reeve’s movies, the Bruce Timm animated series, Smallville and even Henry Cavill in MAN OF STEEL – and it’s all set to the classic music of John Williams, and the current musical cues of Hans Zimmer. Whether you’re a fan of the character of not, it’s a fun video to watch. A few fanboy notes, you’ll notice the Superpets in one scene flying with Supergirl and Superman. In the comics there were a variety of superpowered animals in the Super Family, including Beppo the Super-Monkey, Streaky the Supercat, and Krypto the Superdog. Absent for some reason is Comet the Superhorse. You’ll also notice a little later Superman fighting Doomsday, the spiky-skinned alien who “killed” our hero in the 90s, an event that gave birth to four Super stand-ins. When the real Superman returned, he was dressed in all black and sported a mullet… the latter part still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some fans. Do you have a favorite Superman story? If so tell us in the comments below.

Also, for those living in the Dallas area, the State Fair of Texas ends this Sunday, October 20. If you make it out before then you may get a chance to see the original Superman costumes in person. To celebrate the upcoming home entertainment release of the blockbuster MAN OF STEEL on November 12th and the 75th anniversary of Superman, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment are displaying original costumes from the beloved Superman franchise.

From the creative minds of Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) and Bruce Timm (Superman: The Animated Series) and produced by Warner Bros. Animation, this short follows Superman through the years, from his first appearance on the cover of Action Comics #1 to Henry Cavill in this year’s Man of Steel…all in two minutes!

After watching the short, be sure to check out DC Comics’ official list of annotations.

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