LOCAL FILM: Interview with Scott Ross, writer of PROS AND CONS: A FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE

LOCAL FILM: Interview with Scott Ross, writer of PROS AND CONS: A FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE

We here at BigFanboy cover a lot of the big releases that rock your local theaters each year, but we also make it a point to touch on local Film Festivals and filmmakers as well.  Breaking into the business can be a very tough ordeal, so many young filmmakers resort to creating their own films either through their own financing or through donations.  That is the case with Scott Ross, a local filmmaker who wrote and produced PROS AND CONS: A FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE which is getting a lot of attention on the independent film circuit and is on its way to international release.

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I took the time to talk with Scott about his film, a labor of love, and while he is normally reserved and quiet, he really opened up about this project, what it meant to him and what his future plans are.

Jim Cassidy: Scott, thank you for taking the time to speak with BigFanboy regarding PROS AND CONS: A FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE.  For those that may be unaware of the film, tell us a little bit about what it is about.

Scott Ross: I appreciate being here, Jim.  PROS AND CONS:  A FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE is a dark comedy feature film about Jack Snow, a family man who is obsessed with winning his high stakes Fantasy Football league.  Jack will do anything to win his league – even take out his opponents players.  The movie has lots of laugh out loud moments and a very strange twist at the end.  It was shot on the RED ONE camera and has an exceptional cast and crew from the Dallas area. 

JC: That sounds very entertaining.  Where did you come up with the idea for this film?  Are you a fantasy football guy yourself?

SR: Yeah, I’ve been playing Fantasy Football since the early 1990s.  Back then, it was just starting to grow.  The technology was way different back then.  Fantasy Football managers had their players lists faxed to them, and you would enter your team by pressing buttons on a telephone.  Now, it is all on websites like Yahoo and CBS Sportsline.  27 million people in North America play fantasy football.

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JC: Yeah, I see it everywhere now.  At work, online, even local radio shows will do Fantasy Football leagues with their listeners.  So was the idea of the obsessed Fantasy Footballer something that came to you organically.  What I mean is did you draw from your own personal obsession, someone you knew, or was this idea completely derived from your mind?

SR: I’ve been known to obsess about my fantasy football teams in the past.  I’ve been in three leagues and juggling lines up in my head.  I’m not as obsessive as Jack Snow, but it got me thinking.  How far would someone go to win their fantasy football league.  These days, I play fantasy football for fun.  I’ve shifted my obsession…..errr, I mean focus to getting this movie finalized and distributed.  I’m also anxious to work on more film projects in the near future. 

JC: Ok, I’m glad you brought that up.  Tell me about the process you have undergone from when the film was finished to shopping it around to different festivals and distribution companies.

SR: We made a few festivals (USA Film Festival, Sunset Film Festival, and Endeavor Cinema Group).  In total, we had 3 screenings and used audience feedback to improve some of the storyline and graphics.  We recently signed on with FlixHouse, a Movies on Demand streaming service, and they are releasing Pros And Cons Online on September 4th, 2013.  It will be a world premiere.  Viewers can rent it and watch it instantly on their computers and mobile devices.  We are very excited about that and hope that people will support us by watching the movie.  This is a great way to support independent filmmakers. We are also in the process of selling the movie internationally through FlixHouse’s international sales division FlixHouse Global , so [we] created “music and effects”, so that the movie can be dubbed in different languages (i.e. Japanese, German, etc.).  The big event for distribution will be the American Film Market in the Los Angeles in the Fall.  We hope to get a lot of attention from distributors there.  A LOT goes into trying to distribute an independent movie.

JC: Well, we definitely wish you luck in L.A.  So I know the big focus now is getting the film distributed internationally, but after that, what’s next for you?

SR:  I’ve just started talks about filming a sports documentary locally that I hope eventually will turn into a 30 for 30 documentary for ESPN.  I can’t go into details at this moment, but it should very cool if it materializes.  I also do some acting from time to time. 

JC: Well, please keep us informed on the project.  Is there anything you would like to leave our readers with in regards to PROS AND CONS: A FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE?

SR: I want to just a HUGE thank you to everyone who made Pros and Cons possible.  We had over 200 people involved with making this movie from the cast to the crew to the extras and editing team.  We had call times as early as 2:30 am at the BlackFinn, and amazingly not one person did not show up.  I’m truly blessed to have a great group of talented people involved in making this movie.  I hope everyone will be proud of the movie.

As Scott brought up in the interview, it is important to support independent film makers.  One way you can do this is by heading on over to FlixHouse to catch the VOD premier of PROS AND CONS: A FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE as it premiers today, September 4, 2013.  Be sure to scroll down and check out the info about the movie, more images and posters from the film as well as the trailer for it at the bottom of this article.


Official Website
| Official Facebook | Official Twitter | Official YouTube | Official IMDb
Release Date: September 4, 2013

MPAA: Not rated – may not be suitable for children because of strong language
Presentation: 2D, VOD High Definition
Studio: Going Bats Entertainment, Bryant Entertainment, and SKY Reel Productions
Genre: Dark Comedy, Sports
Screenwriters: Scott Ross
Directed By: Bryan Hicks
Produced By: Scott Ross, Susan Sepehri, Sabra Young

Awards: US Film Festival TEXFEST Dallas Official Selection, Sunset Film Festival Selection, Endeavor Cinema Group Selection

Starring: Earl Browning III, Stacy Cunningham, Lance Eakright, Leslie Snyder, Bryan Pitts, Le Marc Johnson, Greyson Moore, Dean Sorenson, Tim Taylor and Christy Archibald with Special Appearances by Ralph Strangis (Dallas Stars announcer), Brian Cuban (noted author and brother of Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks), Guy Mezger (former MMA star) and Bob Sturm, Dan McDowell, and Donovan Lewis from The Ticket.

Synopsis: Jack Snow is a family man obsessed with winning his high stakes fantasy football league. He’s a huge fan of fantasy football and professional football, but his wife forbids him to play. Steve-O, Jack’s friend, convinces him to play one more time. Jack keeps it secret from his wife and son. He must take home the league championship in order to win the $60,000 payout to save his family. But at what cost? The surprise ending will have many viewers asking is Jack now living the good life or has he thrown it all away? We will let you decide.

Posters and Images:

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PROS AND CONS - Image - 01

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