SDCC 2013: Rob Liefeld bringing his AVENGELYNE to the big screen with Gina Carano signed on to star!

SDCC 2013: Rob Liefeld bringing his AVENGELYNE to the big screen with Gina Carano signed on to star!

Rob Liefeld, the polarizing comic book artist, has been trying over the past few years to get some of his creations made into big screen, live action adaptations.  Youngblood has been in various stages of development over the past year or two with Brett Ratner attached to direct, but not much has been heard on that one for quite a while.  Now, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Liefeld has teamed up with former MMA star Gina Carano (HAYWIRE) to bring the Image Comics title to the big screen.
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Carano and Liefeld will be on hand at the San Diego Comic-Con to sign special posters of Carano dressed as the character.  THR reports that the search for a screenwriter and director will start next week.

 Gina Carano

Avengelyne’s Wikipedia page gives the following description of the character:

Avengelyne was the most feared warrior in Heaven’s Warhost, having single-handedly broken into Pandemonium, the outer fortress of Hell, to confront the Devil himself. She is a fallen angel, banished from Heaven by God after being tricked into questioning his love for humans. Avengelyne was stripped of all her angelic abilities, other than her great strength and her blood, which, once extracted from her body, could be used as a weapon or a miracle once empowered by quoting verses from the Bible. Although he appeared truly angry, God was trying to prepare Avengelyne for a coming war for which she would need to be strengthened.

Keeping her faith in the Lord even on Earth, Avengelyne began to fight the demons she found while there. Eventually, one of her enemies, the demon lord B’Liale, sent a demon, Kyle Wagner, to seduce Avengelyne and father a powerful demon child. God sent Passover, the Angel of Death, to kill Avengelyne for her involvement, but the child, Magog, was born prior to the angel’s arrival, and so together Passover and Avengelyne drove the demon-spawn away.

Seeing her devotion to him was still strong, God allowed Avengelyne to live, and she still fights demons on Earth. Eventually, when Armageddon occurs, Avengelyne will lead Heaven’s Warhost, with Passover as her second-in-command.

I know that many fans have been hoping that Gina Carano would make the leap to bringing a comic book heroine to the big screen, but most had hoped that she would be carrying a truth lasso, bullet stopping bracelets and an invisible jet.  If this project does gain steam and move forward, that could spell the end of those hopes.

What are your thoughts?  Are you interested in seeing this adaptation?



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