Where Does The Hulk Fit Into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?

Where Does The Hulk Fit Into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?


While most of us were watching the Super Bowl last night – either for the game, or the movie preview ads – Latino Review’s El Mayimbe was dropping a highly tantalizing rumour regarding the future of our favorite Gamma Radiation victim. If it bears out, a lot of folks at Marvel are probably pissed off right now, while the comic book faithful are having a joy aneurism.

This is a massive spoiler for THE AVENGERS 2, so click away if you’re wanting to keep your brain pure for 2015 (and good luck with all that). Last warning…

[No, seriously, it’s big. And Green.]

El Mayimbe’s video blog lays out the character spin for The Hulk, either in the third act of THE AVENGERS 2 or the post-credit easter egg. Marvel’s version of the Illuminati deem the Hulk an untenable threat to the Earth, and ship him off into space… setting up the MCU Phase Three film PLANET HULK.

The storyline from the Planet Hulk comics depict the Hulk landing on the planet Sakaar where he begins life anew as a gladiator, eventually being crowned king. Still bitter about his exile, Hulk leads a battle party back to Earth, beginning the World War Hulk series.

El Mayimbe’s scoopage is generally on the money, so I’d put a bit more credence on this one than your normal advance rumour.

While I really liked the Ed Norton INCREDIBLE HULK movie, my reaction to the way Whedon used Hulk in THE AVENGERS mirrored most folks: a little Hulk goes a long way unless you have a really compelling storyline. Going with Planet Hulk makes a lot of sense, and I’ll be highly jazzed to see it – if it actually happens.

What’s your take? Think the scoop is on the level? If it pans out, do you think PLANET HULK is a good choice for the Big Green Guy’s next film? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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